The Trustee Ministry at Morning Star Baptist Church Clairton is used for the efficient management of the liquid and fixed assets of the Church in such a manner that is conducive to the goals and objectives of the Church membership and Church leadership. The Trustee Ministry manages the material possessions and oversee the financial matters of the church according to God’s design for handling the resources He provides for His church; to enable the execution of God’s mission through stewardship and individual Spiritual gifts and to provide direction, leadership, facilities, processes, capability and capacity to help further God’s kingdom building work based on the scriptures.

Trustees are assigned to Trustee Standing Committees such as Budget Review, Human Resources, Finance, Building & Grounds, Legal and Contract Committees to manage resources and prepare the necessary reports for the Church body.

Additionally, Trustees: prepare policy and procedures for the financial administration of the church, serve as liaisons to church auxiliaries and boards, provide assistance with budget preparation, monitoring and amendments, assist auxiliaries with expenditure requests, for Church ministries and events, invest Church funds and manage bank account funds contributed and/or donated to the Church for specific purpose.

To become a Trustee, a person’s name must be submitted to the Trustee Board for consideration. Once the Trustee Board approves the name is then submitted to the Official board and then to the general church for approval. Once the church approves the candidate will undergo a training period and then be assigned to a committee based on his/her abilities.

Trustee John Moore, Trustee Chairman

George Patterson, Vice Chairman

Larry D. Maxwell, Treasurer

David Prince , Treasurer

Mack Hoots

Robert Waters

Dr. Tiffany Evans

Vanessa Henderson

Jarvis Jennings